Mine Spec Vehicle Hire

At Enterprise, we take great pride in providing our customers a wide variety of safe and reliable rental vehicles, from small to large Passenger Vehicles through to Vans, People Movers, Trucks and now Mine Spec Vehicles.

Our extensive Mine Spec range consists of vehicles that have been tried and tested in the outback of Australia and on major mine and construction sites. The accessories that make up our Mine Spec fitout are selected specifically to allow the vehicle, and its driver onto sites with some of the highest saftey requirments in Australia.

Our Mine Spec vehicles are used throughout Australia by a range of companies in the Exploration, Mining, Civil and Governement sectors. Our premium fitout paired with the knowledge of the staff that make up our commercial division, are only some of he reasons companies choose Enterprise Rent a Car when hiring their 4WDs and Mine Spec Vehicles.

Our dedicated and knowledgeable employees will work alongside you to ensure you get the right vehicle for your needs with the service you have come to expect from Enterprise.

Enterprise mining vehicles are located at a range of on-airport locations with a global support network, new fleet and are supply nation certified in SA & NT.

We also supply to a range of industries outside of the mining sector including, construction and government agencies. 

Vehicle Overview

For request of additional vehicle types, please contact a member of our team.

Toyota LandCruiser Single Cab




Toyota LandCruiser Dual Cab




Toyota LandCruiser Wagon




Toyota Hilux Dual Cab




Toyota LandCruiser Prado




Toyota HiAce Commuter




Mitsubishi Pajero Wagon




Mitsubishi Triton Dual Cab





Each vehicle comes with the following features as standard. All Enterprise Mine Spec Vehicles are fitted with the highest quality accessories to ensure they stand up to the tough environment they're used in. Below is a list the Standard Mine Spec accessories equipped to our vehicles. For any additional extras or equiries about underground fitouts please contact a member of our commercial team.

Battery Isolator Switch

A battery isolator switch is fitted to the vehicle to ensure the equipment is safe to work on and the starter is de-energised. 

Canvas Seat Covers

Equipped to ensure damage to seats is minimised in the working environment. 

Fire Extinguisher

All vehicles are fitted with 1KG ABE Dry Powder. For alternative site requirments please inform our booking staff

Hi-Vis Striping & Signage

Fitted to vehicles in case of low light conditions or night work. 


For communication on site. UHF- More common and used throughout AUS VHF- Used for more specific sites & jobs.


Fitted with: Stop, Tail, Indicator & Reverse Lights, Flashing LED Beacon, Reverse Alarm & Sand Flag. For site specific beacons and reverse alarms please Enterprise commercial division.


Equipped for safety on highways and to limit damage to the vehicle in-case of a light collision.

First Aid Kit

Equipped to all vehicles in-case of minor injury on site. 

Tow bar

All vehicle are fitted with tow bars but only some vehicles are fitted with electronic breaks for greater towing capacity.

Mining Vehicle Service Locations

To request a vehicle pickup at 1 of our other locations, please contact a member of our team.

NT - Darwin CBD

Freestanding Location

NT - Darwin Airport

Airport Location

NT - Darwin Holtze

Freestanding Location

SA - Ceduna

Airport Location

SA- Port Augusta

Freestanding Location

SA - Adelaide

Freestanding Location

SA - Coober Pedy

Airport Location

SA- Whyalla

Airport Location

SA- Port Lincoln

Airport Location

SA- Alice Springs

Airport Location

Mine Spec Enquiry

Enquire with our team about long term solutions and large scale fleet rollouts. For those wanting an immediate booking, all of our mine spec fleet are available through our booking engine. 

This may include information like: size of vehicle, How long you want to hire for, how many vehicles you need, Location of deployment, How many passengers, how much cargo, if you are travelling on unsealed roads, if you require a towbar(max 750kg or electric breaks max 3500kg) Any special features outside of our core range listed above.

Mining specific FAQ

Are you supply nation certified?

As Enterprise is an international company, we like all other international car rental companies are unable to be supply nation cetified, however due to our partnership & franchising agreement with the long standing SA & NT business Cedrent who is owned by Indiginous Australian, we are proud to help support indigionus communities accross Australia. 

About Vehicles - What makes your vehicles Mine Spec?

All of our vehicles have a Bull Bar, Tow Bar, UHF Radio, 2 spare tyres, Roof Mounted Mine Bar with repeater lights, amber flashing beacon, reverse alarm, battery isolator, snap on mine flag, Fire Extinguisher, First Aid Kit and Snake Bite Kit.  Some are fitted with snorkel, side steps, suspension kit, long range fuel tank, roof rack.  Available in 4WD models only.

About Vehicles - What is a 4WD?

A vehicle designed for extra traction on unsealed roads. yes unsealed road, 5 pax, wagon XL cargo, 7 seats, open tray, roof rack.  Models available Prado, Pajero, Fortuner, Pajero Sport, Landcruiser Wagon.

About Vehicles - Do you have utilities with Canopy?

These are available in 4WD Hilux models

About Vehicles - Do you have Automatic 4WD?

We have some vehicles available that are automatic 4WD. Please contact a member of our team to confirm.

About Vehicles - What are some of the features you can put on a vehicle?

We are able to fit vehicles with cargo barriers, 2 way radio's, first aid kits, fire extinguishers, mine bar(flashing/rotating amber beacon light), mine bar reversing alarm, mine bar elivated tail lights, high visibility flag, battery isolator switch, lights on relay, headlight upgrade, led light bar, reflective yellow tape, traffic control equipment,wheel nut indicators, roof racks, number plates, no smoking stickers, trailer brakes & positive id signage.

About Vehicles - Do you have 2WD Utilities?

We do, however these are for bitumen only roads. The all come with factory standard equiptment (no fit out). They are  Available in 2 and 5 seat well body/tub tray or drop down side open tray.

About Vehicle - What if I need to replace the snap on flag or number plate?

The replacement cost for the 1.2m snap on flag is $90 AUD. whereas the replacement number plates are $39.

Emergency & Breakdown - How do I Test my Vehicle Equipment?

1.      Fridge Plug – use car fridge or phone charger plug into rear plugs when vehicle is off. Fridge/phone charger should work with vehicle turned off.

2.      Tow Plug - use tow plug tester supplied (Richard)

3.      Dual Battery – see fridge plug item 1.

4.      Battery Isolator – open bonnet turn battery isolator to off position to shut down vehicle.  Attempt to start the vehicle, check lights etc.  If no lights at all it is working.  Turn battery isolator back to on position and vehicle should start.

Emergency & Breakdown - How do I activate my Beacon?

Two-way communications via a mobile/satellite phone or radio is the most effective means of communication when in a distress situation, with some of the reasons outlined below:

  1. Instant confirmation that the call has been received by emergency services;
  2. Ability to communicate position, nature of distress, required assistance;
  3. Emergency services can adequately scale response assets according to required assistance;
  4. Ability to provide updates on the situation and also receive advice until emergency services arrive.

If two-way communications are not available, then a distress beacon should be activated in situations of grave and imminent danger. This equates to when you feel you are facing a life threatening situation. This is a personal decision that is different for everybody.

The correct way to deploy your beacon depends on the type of beacon you have and whether you're on land or water.

Emergency & Breakdown - If im in a group do I need to activate my beacon?

If you are in a group, do not activate more than two beacons. If the group separates, activate a beacon in each group. If individuals drift apart, activate beacons fitted to each person.

Emergency & Breakdown - What happens after the beacon activates?

Activating your beacon transmits a signal that can be detected by satellite. How long it takes for emergency personnel to rescue you and the cost of the rescue operation varies on your situation. Learn more.

Emergency & Breakdown - What happens if I accidentaly activate my beacon?

If your beacon is accidentally activated, switch it off immediately and contact the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) on 1800 641 792. There is no penalty for accidental activation.

Emergency & Breakdown - What if I use the fire extinguisher, first aid kit?

The replacement cost for the either equiptment is $30 AUD and will be billed according to use. If you use both items you may be liable to replacing both the fire extinguisher and first aid kit.

Emergency & Breakdown - What if I have a mechanical breakdown?

If mechanical issue due to hirer misuse recovery/repairs, hirer will be liable for costs.  All other mechanical issues must be reported immediately to 08 8268 1025.

Limitations - Can I drive off road?

vehicles are insured for gazetted man-made road.  It can be unsealed track as long as it is a formed roadway designed for a vehicle to travel on.  Maximum dirt road speed is limited to 50km per hour.  Check the Permitted Areas of Use prior to travel.

Limitations - Can I cross creeks and water ways?

The vehicle is not insured for water ways.  If the vehicle becomes inundated with water or irretrievable the hirer is responsible for the full cost of repair/recovery.  This includes roads affected by fire and snow and icy conditions.

Limitations - Can I take the vehicle on a beach?

The vehicle is not insured for beach travel or salt water ingress.  If the vehicle becomes inundated with water or irretrievable the hirer is responsible for the full cost of repair/recovery.

Limitations - Can I drive on rough roads?

All vehicles are assessed on return.  The Hirer is liable for any damage due to excessive wear “wilful misuse”.

Limitations - How much can I tow?

All 4WD’s with tow bars can tow 750kg weight plus the trailer.  4WD’s fitted with electric brakes can tow up to 3500KG.  Refer tow bar rating and vehicle info… for more information

Limitations - How far can I drive?

We have a standard daily km limit of 150kms in Urban areas and 100kms in Remote areas. If you would like extra km, please inform a member of our team who will be able to assist.

Limitations - How old do I need to be to drive a 4WD?

All 4WD Drivers must be 25 years and hold a full unrestricted driver’s license.

Limitations - Can I smoke in a vehicle?

Due to the dificulty in removing the residual smell left by cigarettes we do not allow smoking in any of our vehicles. as such a $500.00 cleaning fee is charged for smoking in our mine spec vehicles.